Is DevOps Overhyped or the Real Thing?

What’s the difference between DevOps for startups and DevOps for enterprises?

The big difference is the “Museum of Technology” you get into at a large enterprise. All of the different ways of doing things, the M&A activity that they’ve probably had over the years. All of that is the legacy that they’ve carried from being around a long time — not really a legacy but a burden. They carry huge transactional systems that they have to deal with across all technology.

Do you think there’s a nexus between the size of an organization and the successful implementation of DevOps?

Well, no, I don’t. It’s almost like, ‘We don’t have a choice. We’ve got to do something different.’ The size of the organization doesn’t matter. You’ve just got to make it happen.

What are the biggest management obstacles in implementing, or encouraging, a DevOps culture?

From a people management perspective this is the biggest challenge. People don’t generally like change, especially folks who are in the trenches. They’ve got their routine. They’ve got their process. They’re very comfortable with that repetition. They’re human, and that’s a human trait.



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Scott King

Marketing Strategist and Head of Marketing at Krista Software.